Region properties

I think it would be nice to be able to edit more region properties in the region properties dialogue. Right now I can edit:

Name (id)
root class

Which is all well and good, but I’d like to be able to edit other properties as well:

background (color, image, etc.)
color (foreground color)
clear (none, left, right, both)

…without having to save the layout and switch to the Style tab where I have to overwrite the theme style. Maybe they could be put in an “advanced” tab in the region properties dialog. In fact, I’d like to be able to fix any css properties from the layout tab, but that may be a tad ambitious.

I’ve also had occasion to use, say, “padding-top” or “margin-bottom” in the style sheet because I can’t specify just one side from the dialog. Perhaps the “padding” and “margin” inputs could be split into “top”, “bottom”, “left”, and “right”.

Basically, I’d like to do all my actual layout editing from the layout tab instead of having to constantly switch back and forth between the style and layout tabs.

There’s another player in all this - the theme CSS.

Anything like colors, fonts, background, borders or more detailed layout settings (e.g. padding-top) I have put into Classes in the theme, or use the region and/or widget names directly in the theme (region names end up as ID values in the CSS - use a #region-name selector). Then I just add the Class name to the region or widget and it styles based on that. We did make it so you can set the class names in both Layout and Style tabs.

You can also put a space separated list of CSS class names into regions and most widgets, in the case you want multiple CSS classes to apply.

In the end, I found myself putting almost all the settings directly into the theme CSS. Here’s the BrightVoage theme CSS along with some of the images folders and such. If you’d like, I can walk you through this. (182 KB)

P.S. When we add more direct editing of CSS properties, the thinking is they will end up in the theme, rather than as theme overrides like the current editing does.

I just posted a newer theme for Bright Voyage with some minor changes. Check here: