Regions collapsing


Ok so I build out my template, I have the parent regions with attached CSS that has widths of 100% ect… Then I build sub regions inside those and leave the default region names.

Everything looks good.

Now when my people try to go in they can’t access the widgets I’ve put in the boxes because the regions have seemed to collpase. So I have to go back through my templates and add a CSS overrides of width:100% to make the regions strech out again.

Why does this happen? Is it standard practice that if you don’t asign a css class to it that you must add, float:left and width:100% in the css overrides in region settings in cm1? Or am I doing something wrong?

Hi Sandy,

If your CSS is making these regions default to 0px (which it appears to be doing), this is the expected behavior. I assume if you click into these widgets (which are the narrow lines within the region) and add content, the widgets grow in size as expected, is that correct?

One way you can make this a little more user-friendly would be to use CSS to force a minimum width for the image widget only within the Percussion UI by targeting a UI-specific property for the containing Div, such as:

.perc-widget[widgetdefid] { 
 min-width: 200px; 

This would make the empty widget link more easily accessible to yourself and your editors, but it wouldn’t affect your pages in Preview and Live at all.

Thak you so much! I forgot that I had those 0 out valuves in my code for may width calculations with padding ect…

I will try this class you gave me.