Regions not showing after editing them

HI guys, I’m using one step back from the last cm1 that was released. When I edit a region in template mode the page doesn’t refresh. I loose all my blue dotted region lines and I have to hit save then do an F5 to get my regions back.

I even restarted my computer. Same behaviour , I’m in Chrome.

What up?

Hi Sandy,

Sometimes JavaScript on your page or template can interfere with our UI elements. Try hovering over View and Selecting Disable JavaScript, and then perform the edit action again, and let me know if you experience the same behavior.

Hi I tried disabling java script and this still happens. I Do have a costom slider widget layed in my page though in a top region. Could that be why?

Also noticed this error that you can read from the little yellow triangle that sometimes shows up. As oon as I refresh my regions come back and this yellow warning goes away.

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for checking that. Another known cause of this is invalid HTML structuring in any of your HTML widgets. If you have any HTML widgets on the page or template, you might try cutting the code out of the widgets one-by-one, saving the code locally, and then test to see if the problem goes away. If removing the code from one of your HTML widgets fixes the issue, we can then take a closer look at the specific block of code to see what might be causing this behavior.


I had a bunch of html assets siting in the unsed asset tray when I switched templates. I removed those and I removed my custom slider widget for now. Seems to be working now like it should. I’ll throw my custom slider widget back in when I’m ready to fill it out.


Sounds good, Sandy. Let me know if you need any additional help with this.