Relationship configuration - what fields can one access in conditionals

Hi all,

We are setting up some custom relationship configurations to support some specific translation cloning requirements. Here’s the simplified scenario:

[li]A press release has two slots on it - one can take images, one can take a link to an office.
[/li][/ul]When I translate the press release, I would like to:

[li]Shallow clone the link the image;
[/li][li]Don’t clone the link to the office (they’ll have to do this bit manually)

I know it is possible to set up different relationship configurations for each slot, but that is not what we want to do. In an ideal World, we would use one type of relationship configuration for both these relationships, but use a conditional statement to distinguish something about them.

I see that we can access


Does anyone know if one can access any other properties of the relationship, like slotid or variantid, and if so, what the correct syntax is for doing this?

Oh yeah:6.7 latest patches.



The cloning you are talking about is set up on the active assembly relationship. You can create extra relationship types that have the “Active Assembly” category each with their own deep cloning properties. When you create a slot you define which relationship you want that slot to use, you would then be able to choose between the regular active assembly relationship or your new relationship. When the item is cloned it would then pick the deep cloning options specific to that slot. Creating these extra relationship types is the same mechanism that is documented for “Active Assembly Mandatory”.

For anyone looking at modifying these relationships though you have to be very careful about what you are doing here. In particular deep cloning and relationship effects can provide many unintended consequences, some actions cause a cascade of other actions and relationships to be fired and without care could cause slowness, broken and duplicated relationships.

We are also looking at the entire translation process, it is important to note that currently relationships created during this “deep clone” are a one off, they are not automatically updated or fixed up after the fact. Anyone thinking about starting to use or configure translations within a project may want to contact percussion to discuss their particular requirements.

I’ve provided a little bit of code to do something similar in a Macro to Sort Slot Contents by Content Type. You should be able to adapt that code to fit your own needs.

Edit: Nevermind… I misunderstood what you’re trying to do. If a mod could delete this post, that would be great.