Remember Last selected location in Finder tabs

Any time I click on “Sites” or “Assets” Tab, it already puts me back in the top root folder. So if I’m 5 folders deep in the “Sites” tab, I click on “Assets” to go find an asset to drop on my page, and then I click back on “Sites”, it sticks me way back at the root, instead of 5 levels deep where I last was.

Please have it remember where one was when switching between the Finder tabs.

Thanks for posting, Paul. I could certainly see how this would improve the content contributor experience.

Great, hopefully others will see this and Like it as well, though I’ve found that customer involvement so far in “liking” an idea on here is a bit lacking… I hope it’s not the only factor you guys use when deciding whether to incorporate a requested feature or not.

I assure that a number of valid factors go into shaping the Percussion CMS road-map. We’re certainly hoping to get more customer involvement in forming our roadmap going forward, though, and to that end thanks for the recent Idea topic activity!

I assumed so, but just wanted to check. thanks.