Reminder / Notification for published contents


Is there any way we can setup a reminder for published content such that it can automatically send emails to a specific individual at a pre-defined time period (for example, remind me that I need to refresh this article in two years from now)?


See Rhythmyx Implementation Guide 6.7. Search for “Reminder Transition” and/or “Reminder Notification.”

In our implementation, we use the sys_reminderdate field on the content type and tie it into the Workflow by adding a Reminder Transition to the Public workflow state. This provides you with a one-time reminder.

Trigger: AgeReminderPublic
To-State: Public
Workflow Action: None
Aging Type: System Field
Aging Interval:
System Field: Reminder Date

You can find the docs for how to create the notification tied to the transition.

Thanks… I had already looked at the reminder notification in the workflow. I couldn’t see, how you would configure such that author of the individual content item would get a notification on the aging transition.

Ah, then you want to write a workflow extension triggered during a workflow transition (which can be the reminder transition), you’ll just tack in your extension.

We just wrote something similar.

In the initial stages of our workflow, we have Draft -> Review -> Public. An item can be rejected in the Review state and sent back to Draft. We wrote an extension and implemented it on that rejection transition. It notifies the individual author of the content item, instead of everyone in the Author role.

However, in our scheme, the time between draft / review / possible rejection is a matter of weeks, at most. You’ve proposed a time scale of two years. Who the heck knows if that employee will still be employeed two years from now? Just a thought…