Remove LDAP automatically

Regarding Active Directory / LDAP - say, we have a user “12345678” that is in Percussion system but user was terminated as of yesterday. We removed their account from our AD / LDAP system… I noticed Percussion did not remove it and it’s still there. I had to remove it manually.

Is there a way Percussion can inform us like “We’ve detected that the account “12345678” is no longer in use from your LDAP system. Do you want to remove it from Percussion immediately?”  instead of having us manually remove it? 

I think this will be the best to have this dialog to appear once you logged in as admin, right away.

Thank you.


For Active Directory / LDAP users - once you deactivate the user account in Active Directory you need to take no other action.  They will not be able to login to CM1.  The user account is left hanging around for Revision History purposes.  We ping the AD / LDAP server on a login attempt - so if their account has been deleted or deactivated, they will not be able to login to the product. 

I suppose we could set a flag to indicate that the user account was not found on a Login attempt and toggle an Active User state field or something like that, but I think that would be best done as an Administration feature - “Check for Deactivated users” or something like that.

I am curious to hear if other people are running into a problem with this.


@nate - is there a way to dispaly icon like green checkmark (active) and red “x” (deactivate) users on the LDAP list? That way, it will be nice knowing who to remove and assign their former contents to new/existing users. I hope I make sense. Thanks.


Which problem is more important?  Is it archiving users that are removed from LDAP and can no longer login, or is it re-assigning their content?