Renaming and deleting folders

Hi there

I’m trying to come up with a solution to the following problem, but so far I’m drawing a blank. Any ideas would be very welcome.

The Problem
A user has created a folder called Research (note the uppercase R). They’ve been publishing content to it for a while, but have now decided to rename it research (lowercase r).

This works as expected: next time Rhythmyx publishes, it creates a folder called research and publishes the content to it - job done.

However, there remains on the server a folder called Research, which still contains old content, so if an end user goes to /Research/index.htm they’ll see the old page.

I want to be able to delete the old Research folder and all of its content, but there doesn’t seem to be a way of doing this within Rhythmyx (as far as I can tell).

What I’ve tried
I thought I’d cracked it. Here’s what I did:

[li]Created a new folder called research_new
[/li][li]Copied the items from the Research folder to the new folder as links
[/li][li]Expired the items within the Research folder
[/li][li]Ran unpublish to remove them from the published folder
[/li][li]Removed the items from the Research folder
[/li][li]Removed the Research folder itself
[/li][li]Ran unpublish again
[/li][li]Changed the name of the research_new folder to research
[/li][li]Made all its items live and republished

This did the trick - at least in part. All the items had been removed from the Research folder and had been recreated in a new folder called research. So far so good.

However, the Research folder remains on the server - albeit empty.

Is Rhythmyx capable of deleting published folders? Am I missing something really simple?

My only current solution is to get our IT department to remove the folders physically from the servers, which seems like an inelegant solution.

Any ideas?


I have never seen Rhythmyx attempt to delete published folders. The publisher will happily create folders to put content in but unfortunately it won’t check to see if a folder is empty after its unpublished an item and then delete the folder if it is empty.


The behavior you’re describing is a known limitation in earlier versions of Percussion CM. It’s corrected in Version 6.7, which will remove those directories during unpublishing.

In prior versions, you must remove the directories manually.


Thanks David, I suspected as much.


Thank you. I assumed that was the case. Gives us another incentive to upgrade!