Reordering Pub Log

Hi all -

I’d like to reorder our pub log to display by reverse chron order. We’re on 6.5.2 How can I do this?

Did this way back in v 5.5 but can’t remember what to do.


I am interested in a way to do this as well.

Hi Kevin

It’s the same for both 5.7 and 6.5.2

Open the XML application sys_pubPublications. You will notice lots of pubmain resources. Open each pubmain resource and you’ll be presented with the “pipe”. Open the result pager (the one with 1 2 3) and change rxpubstatus.startdate to be decending. Basically there’s a pubmain resource for each Publication by … in the publishing tab of the content explorer.


Hi James -

Thanks a million. Worked like a charm.