Report of Pages Assets are used on

As I’m working with adding and removing assets within CM1, I find it would be very useful if when I go to delete an asset, I’m not only told that the asset is used on other pages, but having a list of what pages the asset appears on, preferably with links, would be incredibly helpful.

Along the same lines as this, it would be nice to have a reference on the page the asset appears on that tells you where the asset is located and called in the assets folder.

When I go to edit content on a page and see that it is an asset I currently have to hunt and search for the original. It would better to be able to see where that asset is and know its origin.

For example our Academic Catalog is a legal contract with the students entering school that year and cannot be altered until the next summer. A lot of the content on our other academic pages come from A) this catalog (cannot be edited) B) from other departments (can be edited) or C) from other areas of the site (can be edited if person for that area is contacted and change is approved). If there was a way to know where the asset is located in the assets folder I would know quickly whether it is editable, not editable or if I needed to contact someone to make the change.

Great ideas! We’ve got plans to add something we currently call an “impact report” to show the pages impacted by a change to the asset, and another one we now call “dependency report” for a page when you want to see all the assets in use on that page. No specific release date for those yet.

In the mean time, the current product does have a simple way to tell what asset is in use. Simply hover over the widget BEFORE clicking the pencil icon and you will see a “tool tip” showing the name and path of the asset that is in use.
Here’s an example from the demo site:

This name and path will also be added to the “edit asset” dialog box at some point (since you can’t cut and paste the text from a tool tip - but at least it’s better than hunting around).