Request widget ID must not be empty. How do I move it into the unused assets tray?

I’m getting the “Request widget ID must not be empty.” error when I try to edit the content in a widget, there is a solution answered here however I can not figure out how to move the widget into the unused assets tray.

so my ultimate question is, how can I move an asset into the unused assets tray to be able to edit it to remove the issue that is giving me the “Request widget ID must not be empty.” error?

Hi Andrew,

To get the asset placed in the unused asset trey,
1.) create a blank template in the “design mode”.
2.) open the page that has the asset that is giving you the error message.
3.) click “actions” > Change Template.
4.) assign that page to the blank template you just created. * remember what the original template is because you will return the page back to it’s original template once your fix the issue

This will now drop all your assets into the unused assets tray. You will have to locate and edit that asset that was giving your the error message and remove the ’ class=“perc-widget” '.

5.) remove the ’ class=“perc-widget” ’ from the widget asset that was giving your trouble and Save!
6.) click “actions” > Change Template.
7.) assign the page back to its original template.

Andrew, This can happen when, through the source view of the Rich Text widget, a Div of the class perc-widget has been created. The most common cause for this is when a user copies content from the source code of an existing CM1 page and pastes it into the Rich Text editor.

I’m not sure if this is what you did but try to remember that Cm1 will auto-generate code and publish on to a page and/or with in a widgets source code. * especially with the rich text widget* So be careful when copying and pasting code in Cm1 it can confuse the system.

  • Armani