Responsive Navigation

I’ve been looking at incorporating a responsive menu to our new theme and when I look at any examples online, they all say to reference the ul by it’s id. When I look at the ul it only has a class.

Any suggestions?

I was looking at :…

Rather than attach an id to the ul itself, what you could do is use descendant selectors (I assume your using the navigation widget). For example, instead of ul#example-nav1, you could change the id to a class and add it to the navigation widget under the “Style” tab. This will add the class to a div wrapping the widget. So the CSS selector to style the menu would be .example-nav-1 ul
This basically says target any ul within an element with the class of .example-nav-1

You can read more about descendant selectors here:…

Thanks Jon. I’m just now getting back to the “Repsonive Menu” option. So would I have to use some javascript to read the menu being outputted by Percussion and then read it into a SELECT element?

I’m wanting my menu to switch over to a SELECT element instead of a UL after the max window size hit 600 or below. I’m up for other suggestions if anyone has any. I would just like to still utilize the percussion navigation to maintain the UL and SELECT options.