Restricting Folder access by community

We have a folder on our site that we would like to restrict read/write access on, granting access to Community A and restricting Community B. Hiding the folders via Folder -> Properties -> Security seems to be the cleanest solution, but there seems to be one obstacle. Some users have roles within both Community A and Community B and regardless of which community they are logged into, they can read/write to the folder.

The objective is to insure that all content within this folder goes through a specific workflow that is only visible to Community A. Anyone know of a possible solution?


When a user is successfully authenticated into Percussion CM, they are included in all Roles, including both Community Roles and Functional Roles. Therefore, if a User is in the Editor Role, they are an Editor both in Community A and Community B (assuming they are members of both Communities).

The way to work around this is to create unique Roles for each combination of functional and Community Role (e.g., AuthorA, AuthorB, EditorA, EditorB), and assign users to the Roles they should have for each Community (for example, Lisa Kerr could be in AuthorA and EditorB, while Kent Hoyt could be in AuthorB and EditorA. (Those who have been around long enough will remember when you had no choice but to define Roles in this way.)