Revision History + removed widgets

Let me know if this makes sense or not…

  • Jan created a page called “Contact”.
  • Jan added three widgets (called Cards) to the page
  • Jan updated contents in each Cards widget
  • Jan published it.
  • Jan very happy. :grinning:

Few days later…

  • Bob edited that “Contact” page
  • Bob removed three Cards widgets from that page
  • Bob added three widgets (called Untitled Widget) to the page
  • Bob updated contents in each Untitled Widget
  • Bob published it

A week later…

  • Jan saw the changes :exploding_head:
  • Jan wanted to revert to previous page via Revision History
  • Revision history doesn’t preview the three Cards since it’s blank/empty (because the widgets were removed and gone)

Is this a bug?

There are some known limitations related to Assets and the Revision History feature.

Quick question on your scenario…

Are the Widgets/Assets Shared Assets or Local Content just to the Page?


It is local content.