Rhythmyx Customizations

Here at AutoTrader, we’ve added a few things to the built-in feature-suite for Content Editors. I’d be interested in finding out what other people have added to their installations.

I’ve built a control type that I call ajax_CascadingDropDown. It loads a very large set of hierarchically organized data into sequentially selected controls. It uses AJAX through the prototype JS library and JSON to transport the data from query resources to the controls. We use it here at AT for Year-Make-Model selection of cars from a database of tens of thousands of rows (so big that using built-in controls would make page size and load-time unusably large).

I’ve also added contextual help tooltip properties to all pre-defined control types so that, if provided, a “?” image appears between the label and control with an HTML anchor tag that has the tooltip as the title attribute.

I’m in the process of building a new Image Picker control that will let the user browse images by thumbnail.

If anyone is interested in duplicating any of these on their own system, send me an email and we’ll work something out.

Has anyone else made customizations of their own?

I’d like to know if you ever got your image picker control built, that sounds like a great tool.

I agree, the image side of things would be very interesting. Some image gallery tools would be very useful. We have also implemented the help option.