Rhythmyx Implementation Guide Version v6.7 - Chapter 10

I just set up DB publishing for the first time, using the 6.7 Implementation Guide. First, a few minor issues I saw:

  • Pg 378, there is a binding which reads: $row.encoding.BROCHURE.=‘base64’, the “$” is missing before “encoding”

  • Pg 385, second bullet, the name of the binding which reads: “$soucedb”, should be “$sourcedb” (missing an “r”)

  • Pg 386, the text has a binding which reads:
    $sourcedb=$rx.db.get(“NorthwindData”,“select City,Region,Address,Contact
    from Employees where Country=”+$state);
    “Country” should be “State”

  • Pg 392, there is text which reads: The Location Scheme is not used to define a publishing location (the database Template defines the target location for the Content Item data), but is used in the publishing log to define the value of the Location on the Published Item Details dialog.

Should “dialog” be “log” or “log file”? I’m guessing so, if I understand what this is communicating.

In terms of substantive items:

On 377, in the table, it describes the possible values for “$db.action” along with a bit about what each one does; I believe more is needed here. It isn’t clear how or if one can combine these values. For instance, if I want to insert (or replace) new items, and delete those which have been deleted from the CMS, how does one do this? I am about to post a question on the forums about this as well as do a bit of playing around with it.

The doc does a good job of walking you through the creation of the JNDI datasource, template creation, the bindings, etc. The “Testing and Debugging a Database Template” section comes after you have done all of these tasks. I would put at least a note that says you can test as soon as you have created the template with the basic required bindings and after each binding is created. I ended up getting to this step and it crashed w/ no useful message (“Cause could not be overwritten”, which I’m guessing is related to the Java stack trace). So, I ended up having to remove all my bindings and re-add them one by one until I got the same error, so I could at least tell which binding was problematic.

On page 392, it reads: Database publishing requires the standard publishing configurations: - Site A Site for database publishing requires a minimum of data: a Name and a Rhythmyx Path.
I took this to mean that I had to create a new site specifically for DB publishing. When actually, if you have an existing site under which the content items you want to publish already live, you need not create a new site. Some verbiage here to make this clearer would be good. I suspect this will be the situation for most users.

That’s all. I hope this is useful. I don’t want to appear as if I’m moaning; obviously, the document was clear enough for me to figure it out and get it working, but I generally find the first time one goes thorough a process is when some of the valuable feedback can be gathered, so I’m giving it here.