Rhythmyx Local Installation on Windows failing


I am trying to install Rhythmyx locally on my Windows XP machine. However, after completing all the installation steps, I am running to following problem. Here is what is happening:

a). Completed the installation sucessfully(atleast this is what it says)
b). Went to Rhythmyx installation folder, and started Rhythmyx server by typing: RhythmyxServer.exe
c). Waited for server to start
d). Opened the IE browser window, and typed in: http://localhost:9992
e). Login screen was opened. Entered admin1/ demo
f). Flash message with Java Loading appears. Then the progress bar freezes off at 83%. On Status bar, there is message: “Loading Java Applet Failed”
g). I tried to install it few times, and everytime it errors out at 83%.

Any clue on this?


What version of the Java Runtime do you have installed on your system?

C:\Documents and Settings\msingh>java -version
java version “1.6.0_05”
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_05-b13)
Java HotSpot™ Client VM (build 10.0-b19, mixed mode, sharing)

The strange thing is that we have the Percussion Server installed in one of our Servers which is a LINUX machine. I am able to access it without any problem from my local computer. The applet gets loaded properly, and I am able to fully access the Content Explorer.

However, the problem comes only on local windows installation.

thanks a lot


If you downgrade your JRE to 1.5.x (and uninstall the later 1.6 versions) and restart your machine, the applet should load fine. The older version is easily found on the Sun website.

One important point though, open the Java Control Panel and select the Update tab. Uncheck the “Check for Updates Automatically” box. When the warning pop-up appears, select ‘Never Update’ and you should be good to go.



Are the two servers different versions? (For example, the remote server is 6.5.2 and the local server is 6.6) I commonly encounter the behavior you’re describing when I’m switching my connections to different versions of the server.

If that is the case, clear both the browser and Java caches when switching your connection from one server version to another. If you are using Firefox, you must close all Firefox windows to ensure the cache is fully cleared.


This sounds like well known bug (RX-13073) with Rx 5.x - 6.52 and JRE 1.6 build 4 and beyond. This particular issue has been covered fully in this forum on at least one previous occassion.

You must have at least patch RX-13195 or beyond in order for the Cx to load fully. All of our patches are cumulative, so my recommendation would be to apply the latest patch and test. To gain access to the latest patch, please contact Tech Support and we will open a ticket for the issue and provide you with the appropriate FTP information.

Yes you are right…On the LINUX box we have version 6.6 and Windows box I have 6.5.


I cleaned both the Java Cache and Browser cache. But still the problem persists. It appears, we would need to have the patch installed unless anyone can think of anything else…


there is one more thing to check - go to your Server Administrator tool and open Content Explorer tab - there you will see version of JRE it runs - compare it to your local version.

You’re going to need the patch. Please submit a ticket with TS.

The issue is resolved. Thanks to everyone for their help.

We got the 6.6 version for Windows Installation and it works fine. So there was NO need to get the 6.5.2 patch.


All versions of Rx 6.x more current than 6.52 include the fix for the previously mentioned bug right in the source code. No patch would be necessary to use JRE 1.6 build 4 through whatever JRE was most current at release time for that version of Rx.