Rhythmyx on a laptop


We’re installing the Rhythmyx server on a laptop for training purposes and wondered if it would work under the following environment

Windows Vista Home Premium
SQL 2005 Express Edition


Hi James,

Should do, although I have not tested it with Vista, I have tested it with SQL 2005 Express and IE 7. Something you should note is that it will be pretty slow on a laptop, although this is only from our experience.

We have noticed the latest version of Java seems to break the content explorer and have to roll back to a previous update.

Are you having problems?



I’m running Windows XP and SQL Server 2005 Express edition, and it works fine.

As we’ve said in the past, we have not certified Vista, and we probably will never certify “Home Premium”. We do have a couple of developers who have Vista on their desktop machines, but these are no doubt the “Professional” edition (I can’t keep track of all of the possible Vista variations).

Memory will be the issue in most laptops. In servers, we usually recommend the maximum amount of memory allocation possible. It’s not clear that this is a good idea on a laptop with limited (<2GB) memory. Also, some of the Mobile processor (e.g. “Centrino”) powered laptops are really rather slow.

I strongly recommend you stay on Java 5 rather than Java 6, but if you do go to Java 6, make sure you get the latest patches from Tech Support, which address the Java 6 issues.


No, we’re just building the laptop now and wondered if there was any issues with the configuration.


we run the rhythmyx 5.7 server in a vwware (player/server) virtual machine running centos 4 on our notebooks


We did successfully install Rhythmyx on the laptop on the platform mentioned below. It ran smoothly and the only tweeking we had to do was with SQL 2005 express and the instance ports.

One thing that did come out of it was me immediate dislike for vista :slight_smile:


can you remember what tweaks you had to do to ms sql server 2005 express
when we tried i think we got some unicode errors

Hi Clive

Yes, the default instance port was not 1433 so Rhythmyx couldn’t connect on installation. You can either find out (using SQl configuration manager)which port the default instance is on then putting the port number into the connection string or you can change it back to 1433.

This knowledge base article explains in more detail: