Rhythmyx Patch for Version 6.5.2 build 200710R01 (patch id: RX-16762)

Rhythmyx Patch for Version 6.5.2 build 200710R01
Patch id: RX-16762
Patch Install Toolkit version: 1.0

Fixes Included:

RX-16713 - In Firefox 4, CX causes JS error. RX-16688 does not fix. (Defunct)

Fixes Included from Patch RX-16698

RX-16681 - SSL certifcates are expired and throws an error

Fixes Included from Patch RX-16436

RX-16432 - Velocity code memory issue
RX-16367 - Incompatibility between EditLive 6.x/7.x and Java 1.6 Update 22

Fixes Included from Patch RX-16333

RX-16332 - Debugging for server administrator id attributes.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-16308

RX-16302 - Relationship Fixup is broken and should be removed.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-16236

RX-16210 - Greek capital letter pi not handled when adding an inline link.
RX-16174 - Only one config file can be used for all EditLive fields in a Content Editor.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-16194

RX-16144 - Expired Non-Percussion Certificates in signed .jar files.
RX-16143 - Expired Percussion Certificates in signed .jar files.
RX-16138 - Help applet causes “mixed code” error on JRE 1.6_u19 and above.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-16145

RX-15940 - Saving a standard search or view causes the object to be deleted in the repository.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-16134

RX-16130 - Convera FTS does not support indexing over 63 fields.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-16118

RX-16117 - Updating a content item takes a long time, as the number of inline links that are inserted increases.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-16107

RX-16083 - Translation issue with clone handlers

Fixes Included from Patch RX-16098

RX-16094 - MSM takes minutes to load Table Schema node
RX-16093 - Workbench taking minutes to load 1st slot

Fixes Included from Patch RX-16088

RX-16079 - com.percussion.services.assembly.jexl.PSDocumentUtils.java not working with non en-us sys_lang attribute

Fixes Included from Patch RX-16005

RX-16004 - Ad-Hoc assignes do not show up if one of the directory providers is misconfigured.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-16000

RX-15974 - Duplicate relationships created during translation if item already translated and relationship has folder or siteid.
RX-13061 - When translating, only items in the current community get translated.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15975

RX-15972 - Apply patch RX-15889 get Velocity errors rendering global template.
RX-15965 - Unexpected transition being run when releaseFromEdit() is called.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15963

RX-15856 - Change of any group name --ou value-- on LDAP side triggers faliure on all LDAP authentication.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15948

RX-15947 - Resign and time stamp jh.jar
RX-12911 - Version compare should use sys_folderid

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15889

RX-15888 - Publishing fails first time after server initialization with “[org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException] illegal access to loading collection” Error.
RX-15887 - The sys_AutoSlotContentFinder not handling cross-site links.
RX-15881 - Inline link and active assembly table editor is loading very slowly on systems that have several communities.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15878

RX-15875 - PSCreateTranslation erases Workflow Comment text.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15861

RX-15860 - Inline templates aren’t really inline.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15816

RX-15835 - Assembled XSL Single quote turns into double quote after 5.6 -> 6.5.2 upgrade
RX-15804 - Digital signature expired for Lifecycle analysis
RX-13105 - Sort ranks in Nav slots aren’t reflected in a preview until the Navon is transitioned to public

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15789

RX-15786 - Ad-hoc assignes cannot see their items if logged into content explorer with wrong case.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15672

RX-15752 - Can’t successfully create translation of site that has a cross-site link after bug fix Rx-15614.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15659

RX-15661 - Content Explorer losing authentication in Firefox
RX-15610 - Users roles/community not enforced for Preview and AA URLs
RX-15614 - Site ID not updated on in-line items upon translation

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15636

RX-15639 - Add debug message logging to PSAssignmentTypeHelp

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15407

RX-15405 - Add debug output when deleting a relationship.
RX-15383 - Issue with numeric value in the name attribute of input element.
RX-15354 - Creating translation item looks at the wf status of all children of the cloned parent.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15299

RX-15292 - The axis property of nav items is not getting set properly in certain cases

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15108

RX-12613 - Database publishing encoding

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15049:

RX-15035 - sys_TranslationContentFinder not properly building cross-site items from the child assembly

Fixes Included from Patch RX-15009:

RX-14870 - src attribute being stripped from <embed> upon insert or update in IE only.
RX-14864 - href attribute are stripped from <area> map tag in IE only.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14952

RX-14919 - Inline links are malformed if “@” or “:” is used in the anchor text.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14841

RX-14844 - Resign Java help - jh.jar
RX-14843 - src attribute being stripped from <input> upon insert or update in IE only
RX-14842 - Site that does not have a relation with any of the variant cannot be added to any variant.
RX-14782 - Cross site items are not handled pproperly in sys_TranslationContentFinder.
RX-14773 - sys_TranslationContentFinder loses relationship bet. child and owner once owner revision is updated
RX-14766 - CreateRelationship web service method doesn’t work properly for PV rels
RX-10436 - WebDAV fails to upload xml file as File content type

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14825:

RX-14840 - After applying RX-14798 sites added to visibility are removed on save.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14798:

RX-14810 - Applying RX-14735 or later causes inline links to break.
RX-14803 - Workbench performance decreases as we add sites incrementally to template visibility.
RX-14063 - Update keystore with new certificate

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14789:

RX-14754 - Modifing content type w/1 local field will create new local table w/out previous data

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14735:

RX-14737 - MSM deletes wrong target files
RX-14330 - Selected text is not getting passed to the velocity snippet when adding inline template

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14692:

RX-14670 - Action Panel will not open in Internet Explorer 6.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14603:

RX-14599 - Several IllegalArgumentException during publishing.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14551:

RX-14559 - Moving items in the Cx from parent to child folders takes a long time
RX-12561 - Error deleting relationships through Web Services

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14439:

RX-14467 - CX: workflow transitions no longer allow the comment field to be left blank
RX-13046 - When I slide a Snippet from one Slot to another in outline view of AA, no black insertion line appears.
RX-13036 - All consequent attempts to “drag-n-drop” move an item up or down in Active Assembly for Documents after first move results in “No Entries”

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14412:

RX-14406 - Workflow comment box is not highlighted automatically on transition -JRE 1.6.0_x
RX-14410 - Inserting PSItemChildEntry object into Content Type with a field with a sys_DropDownSingle fails
RX-14420 - ‘src’ attribute for scripted code is being removed for existing items

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14384:

RX-14380 - If parent navon in QE when child navon is created, child relationship will be attached to improper parent revision

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14365:

RX-14362 - Searching with keywords on inline search does not return results.
Rx-14361 - Able to save a Keyword choice with no value. Howevever, will get a null pointer after we log out and log back in.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14314:

RX-14319 - Bug Fix RX-13693 does not work when using the default port
RX-14280 - Ephox bookmarking issue after installing RX-14059 Patch

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14292:

RX-13693 - Force Secure Login feature not working correctly

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14225:

RX-14171 - Changes to System Action Menu Entries visibility assignment are not enforced

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14169:

RX-14165 - Cx ‘locks up’ after creating/editing several items throughout the day while publishing all day long

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14127:

RX-2556 - DB Publisher makes spurious ANALYZE calls
RX-13834 - Template expander does not receive the revision

Fixes Included from Patch RX-14059:

RX-14056 - After applying RX-13948 patch, relative links that are being used as hyper links are turned into absolute links after quick editing
RX-13910 - Workbench doesn’t release memory over time

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13972:

RX-13965 - cloning a community eats up records from psx_aclentries and psx-aclentrypermissions tables.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13948:

RX-13946 - Display Format throws NPE if it contains a field of datatype NUMBER with NULL values
RX-13933 - Sporadic loss of link text when creating inline link in certain network setups
RX-13635 - Edited Items(part of Content List) moved to Public before their last public revision is published will not be included in the next Incremental Content List

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13926:

RX-13938 - New method in assembly utils getTidiedContent is truncating the documents

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13901:

RX-13728: EditLive reformatting data within <code> tags causing space issues in preview/publish

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13855:

RX-13899 - Assembly issues for items with & in field values.
RX-13675 - Firefox sometimes loses authentication.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13785:

RX-13703 - After applying patch RX-13646, you cannot have more than 6 bindings in a template and duplicate content items in the same slot

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13778:

RX-13766 - script code executes when contained within table cells

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13718:

RX-13739 - In-line links do not look at relationship changes on assembly
RX-13712 - cannot get binary data from a child table field using $rx.asmhelper.childValues
RX-13704 - CTRL + click on inline link or weblink doesn’t work in 6.5.2 w/latest patches

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13696:

RX-13695 - DB publisher doesn’t cleanup db connections properly on failure.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13680:

RX-13659 - Script tags executing and breaking in CE when in unactivated EditLive section
RX-13410 - role provider not filtering out non Rhythmyx roles

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13662:

RX-13676 - Items editing gets hang if not checked out thru the workflow action menu
RX-13649 - performance issue - expanding “Visible Templates and XSL Variants” in Community Visibility is too slow

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13646:

RX-13631 - Fixes for RX-13084 and RX-13251 break Ce when inline variant has <embed>
RX-13545 - Cross site links are not handled properly from managed nav.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13629:

RX-13633 - Using many roles causes performance issue when creating/deploying an MSM archive
RX-12864 - Renaming a community is very slow

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13617:

RX-13563 - Slot order incorrect when mixing XSL Variants and Velocity Templates

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13605:

RX-13601 - self-closing or empty script tags causing EditLive issues

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13557:

RX-13565 - Auto Slot Content Finder throws null pointer exception when there is rx:sys_folderid param in select statement and if the results are not in any folder.
RX-13551 - AA Browse Dialog fails to work on Safari if port 80 or 443 are specified in the URL

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13552:

RX-13550 - $sys.crossSiteLink conditional not evaluating correctly out of the box

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13543:

RX-13255 - You cannot have ‘.’ (periods, dots) in a template name

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13485:

RX-13412 - adding bookmark to inline link doesn’t work in preview or publish

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13448:

RX-13484 - Fixes for RX-13374 causes location scheme issues for inline links and templates on upgraded system still using 5.x publishing
RX-13478 - PSNodePrinter.java is self closing empty elements for tags such as TextArea and causing EditLive issues.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13420:

RX-13461 - Items in multiple site folders that use 5x site folder publishing application produce wrong path if using 6.x location scheme generator
RX-13447 - Including rx:sys_folderid in the select of an autoslot query should set the folder id on the SlotItem so it is available to the location scheme generator.
RX-13446 - Calendar Control not appearing correctly from Active Assembly
RX-13445 - Child field datetime incorrectly formatted
RX-13080 - Remote Publisher doesn’t support Basic AuthType

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13382:

RX-13374 - After upgrade, can’t delete any existing CMS variants that are in the field or add anything after new variants
RX-12740 - Assembly Debug cannot show multi value fields

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13375:

RX-13022 - Skip Validation if field is empty does not work properly

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13370:

RX-13326 - Orphaned folders not cleaned up by RxFix if they have any other relationship to them.
RX-12826 - RxFix tool’s module to fix orphaned folders is broken after redesign of relationship tables

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13362:

RX-13360 - Assembling a page hung forever
RX-13113 - Velocity Engine not re-initialized - specific to customer environment

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13321:

RX-13319 - Promoting an item that has more than 2000 items in AA relationship to it fails to update
RX-13175 - Publishing Hub NullPointerException

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13307:

RX-13315 - Extra-spaces added to anchor links when they are rendered
RX-13312 - Nullpointer exception when content removed from Ephox
RX-13311 - Inline link relationship points to the folder in the wrong site, if the folder id and site id are empty in the relationship.
RX-13305 - The value of HRef property is not compatible with WebDAV Client on Mac OS X 10.4.x
RX-13300 - Failed to create “File” item with empty content through WebDAV
RX-13299 - Incorrect format for “WWW-Authenticate” header

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13277:

RX-13301 - When creating a new folder, it doesn’t inherit the parent folder’s community by default.
RX-13242 - Rx-13195 uninstaller doesn’t reinstall rxEphoxExtensions.jar in <rxroot>/sys_resources/ephox
RX-12943 - Cannot save a community.
RX-12925 - Using many communities causes excessive memory usage.
RX-12858 - Cannot clone community.
RX-12124 - Community Visibility of Views not working correctly after upgrade
RX-11560 - Workflow menu error

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13253:

RX-13251 - <embed …></embed> is stripped out of EditLive control (Ephox
RX-13261 - Folder Visibility behavior change on upgrade

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13240:

RX-13238 - Incremental Content List hangs on some upgraded server

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13215:

RX-12621 - Workbench/Webservices login timeout issue
RX-13209 - Creating new items takes longer when there exists many workflows and communities

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13195:

RX-13073 - CX does not load with JRE 1.6 update 4
RX-13084 - Ephox in Rx 6.5.2 IE 7.0.5… EditLive control breaks when customer uses <form>
RX-12842 - Namespace Cleanup does not work on 6.5 with XSL variants

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13191:

RX-12828 - New Active assembly fails to load some resources (images or CSS or JS files) with SSL enabled.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13170:

RX-12831 - Takes minutes to load a content type after upgrading 5.7 -> 6.5
RX-12994 - Ephox: Accented characters not handled properly upon inserting an inline link

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13155:

RX-12867 - Nav Proxy breaks in Debug Assembler

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13152:

RX-13140 - “&” character in folder name.
RX-13145 - getProperty(“nav:url”) is throwing exception on navons when the landing page item has shared complex children.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13088:

RX-13069 - Performance issue for JCR Query when using jcr:path like ‘//Sites/…’ part 2
RX-12973 - Ephox adds <p> </p> to end of content whenever customer adds a carraige return to
existing content. Subsequent <p> </p> will be added each time the user adds more content. (Re-fix)

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13071:

RX-12973 - Ephox adds <p> </p> to end of content whenever customer adds a carraige return to
existing content. Subsequent <p> </p> will be added each time the user adds more content.

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13059:

RX-13052 - JSR-170 Query Performance Extremely Poor when Using jcr:path like ‘//Sites/SomeFolder%’

Fixes Included from Patch RX-13056:

RX-12989 - rxutils.jar not included in lib folder when installing standalone Convera FTS

Fixes Included from Patch RX-12995:

RX-12957 - LDAP Group provider performance issues

Fixes Included from Patch RX-12974:

RX-12962 - PSAutoRelatedContent exit bug
RX-12981 - New Copy does not behave the same in 6.x as it did in 5.x

Fixes Included from Patch RX-12960:

RX-12756 - AA search with using the DB search engine does not list Content Types

Fixes Included from Patch RX-12929:

RX-12926 - navon landing page URL empty for navon with correct landing page relationship

Fixes Included from Patch RX-12920:

RX-12824 - field_if_set macro not working after 6.51 upgrade