Rhythmyx Server Administrator?

Hello all,
I am working at a company that has switched to Rhythmyx 6.5.2. We used an on-site contractor to help us get this all setup and running for the first 3 months or so. The contractor left about 3 months ago and I do not know of a simple way to get into contact with him. I need to install the Rhythmyx Server Administrator so that I can control Users and Roles. I have asked around my organization and people say that the contractor installed the software for them. There is no documentation as to how to install it. I would sincerely appreciated it if someone could either outline how to install it, or point me towards documentation that I may have looked over.

Sorry for the completely newbie question, but I’ve reached the end of my resources regarding this.

Thank you.


The Server Administrator is part of the Developer Tools suite.

See Installing Rhythmyx (Version 6.5.2 link) for directions to install the Developer Tools.