Rich Text Editor Removing Images (3.1)

I’m having another issue with the new Rich Text Editor in version 3.1.

  1. Add a picture into a Rich Text box using the Insert/Edit Image button.

Picture shows up fine.

  1. Click on the picture to highlight it and link it to any .html page using the Insert/Edit Link button.

The picture disappears.

Looking at the Source code reveals that the HREF link was inserted but the IMG code is gone.

Hi Conan,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we are investigating this issue now and we will be able to provide an update soon.


Hi Conan,
This issue has been filed as a critical bug within our product management system, we will keep you updated as we work towards a resolution.


Hi Conan,

The issue you have outlined here has been fixed in our latest patch for CM1 version 3.1. You can download the patch for your appropriate operating system here:…

Additionally, here’s a direct link to the readme file, which contains installation instructions and fix information:…

Hi guys-

We are also having this issue. we are on version 3.1.5 Build 201307R01 (0)

Can get the patch described above or do I need to go straight to v3.3 - which is the only link on that page?

Hi Bob,

I would recommend upgrading to v3.3 to benefit from the additional enhancements and fixes in that release.


Hi Jon-

thanks. We’ve been looking at the notes on 3.3. Please forgive me for being a bit nervous - as the release notes don’t say what other unknown and new things may break. We didn’t have this rich text image link problem before we upgraded to v3.15 to fix another problem…

I was reading the install instructions - as you may remember we have old sites here - built before the ‘theme’ feature was added. Do you think we’d be safe to run the update?

Hi Bob,

You will be fine for the update. The note you are referring to is if you have modified anything in the Percussion themes folder within web resources and are using it. Checking some of your current live sites, I see the folder/theme being utilized is “Darnell.” Unless another one of your sites uses the Percussion theme (and is modified) please feel safe to run the upgrade!