Rich Text Editor stripped out javascript

Is there a reason why RTE stripped out 



The Rich Text widget is probably the most powerful and most used widget of all of them. I just don’t understand why it cleans up “valid” code.

For example, try to use a FontAwesome icon in a rich text editor like;  ``````  the rich text editor strips it right out.

I don’t mind that the rich text editor removes invalid code, but javascript:void(0), html5, and fontawesome markup and more can be valid. 

I agree @aaron.  I had to resort to adding most of my font awesome using CSS and either :before or :after to make it work so it can’t be stripped out.

Well, there is a way to display font awesome in RTE… it’s a trick. This is what I do for example by adding span tag and nbsp inside the i tag… but it will not preview in actual RTE view but it will when you hit preview or publish. 

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I’ve done that a few times as well.  Luckily I’ve been able to apply it via CSS so people can’t accidentally delete it.

We posted a comment on Font Awesome in the last releases Release Notes.  You actually don’t want to use the _tag (which means italics or emphasis not icon) for Accessibility reasons.  A more accessible approach would be to use a span.  

The system’s current HTML validator does require some type of content to be in the span.



This appears to be a regression.  I am going to create a support ticket for this.



It would be nice if we didn’t have to do the to get the font icons to work.

I agree Matt.  Unfortunately it is a limitation of the current HTML Parser / Validator.  We do have updating the way that the parser works in the backlog, but that work is not currently scheduled. 

The release note link isn’t working?…

I was thinking you should add release note link in CMS in About dialog (top right corner)

Try this: 5.3 Release Notes  

This issue has been backlogged as CMS-2404.  This is currently a low priority and is not planned or scheduled at this time because we think it is a low frequency use case.  The HTML widget also allows for JavaScript links so that can be used as an alternative.  Let us know if this a high frequency use case for you.

Hi All,

As Nate mentioned, we have this issue backlogged as CMS-2404. We currently have this under consideration, but would like to convert this to an idea so that we may monitor its feedback on the community. If you find that this is a high-frequency use case for your team, please let us know.


Any progress on this since it’s been 4 months? Thanks!