Rich Text Editor stripping out my hyperlinks

I have pages with list of events and announcements that link to other pages in our web site that I update daily. Many times when I go in to make some changes I noticed that some of the items on the list are no longer linked to anything and I am constantly relinking them. Why are the URLs being removed?

Hi Alanda,

Are you finding that these links are being removed from the page in Preview, or only on your live site? Also, can you tell me what version of Percussion you’re running currently? Thanks!

We have logged a bug with TinyMCE to address this issue. This bug is specific to Firefox, so using a different browser will avoid the issue. The problem is when you have a bulleted list of items in a rich text widget, and each list item is a link, when you delete an item in the list, sometimes it is removing the tag from the item immediately proceeding or following the bulleted item you remove. We have this item tracked as a bug in our backlog and once TinyMCE addresses the issue, we will roll the fix into Percussion.

This issue should be resolved in the 5.3 release.