Rich Text Editor temporary blankness

Each time you open up RTE (Rich Text Editor), the contents doesn’t load in there (delayed for xx seconds) or resize the RTE and it appeared.

Did anyone have issues with that? We’ve started to have those issues…

Not having those issues here. Getting any load errors within your browser’s Developer Tools?

Hi Aaron

Could you let us know in which OS, browser and version you are experiencing this issue?

@David @Mythili here you go

It doesn’t show error console (please correct me if I’m using the ‘wrong’ one). The only thing that will make texts appear if if you drag the dialog or resize the RTE which is the only way it works. It seems to be affecting Chrome browsers. I tried the same approach for both Safari and Firefox which seems to be working OK (even trying few different pages, even after the same page).

I hope this helps.

It doesn’t show error console (please correct me if I’m using the ‘wrong’ one)

No you’d definitely have some errors under ‘Console’ for things failing to load via the browser’s end.

edit: The browser-end error, if there was one, would probably be under “console” with something like “Failed to load -javascript link-” and that missing javascript link would have something to do with your CM1 error.
example: If my networking crew decides to go crazy and configures our firewall to block external links to google’s own jquery library, then my webpages go nuts and “Dev Tools->Console” shows a “Failed to load” error.

How can I find the error if it isn’t showing up?

David - Did you watch the video I attached? If you notice that if I resize the RTE or drag the dialog window, it appears.

I think it’s the Chrome issue, not IT issue. No issue on Edge, Safari or Firefox.

Good afternoon Aaron,

Could you please specify your OS version and your Chrome version? Regrettably, I was unable to view the video, but having your OS and Chrome version would help us.

Sue Cushman

I’m using Chrome Version 78.0.3904.70 (Official Build) (64-bit) on macOS 10.14.6

The file format for the video is .mov and it should work on windows, too. This video will help you see the issue very clearly.

I cannot post the video here due to file limitation.

Thank you Aaron for providing us with the information we requested. We will be investigating your issue and will update you the moment we have additional information for you. We appreciate your patience while we work on your issue.

Sue Cushman

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Thank you Sue. Really appreciate it. It is still ongoing issue.

It also affect Edge (both Beta/Canary) on Mac, too.