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New user here, please forgive:

I’ve changed my template and somehow accidentally got content meant for one page into the template level which replaced my content on all other pages. I think I made the mistake of “Editing Template” while the page was open and probably didn’t realize I hadn’t gone back to the page level design. Is there an easy way to roll back the site to a previous version to bring back my content?

Hi Kyle,

The local content that was replaced by the content you added on the template level should still exist on all affected pages, viewable through the page’s Unused Assets tray. To revert back to how things were, simply open up the template you inadvertently added content to, ensure that you are in the Content tab, select the widget you added this content to (copy out that content into a text file if you mean to use it on a specific page), and then hit the “Delete local content” button to the upper right of the widget.

Once you’ve done this, save the template, and you should see that the original content on all the pages which used this template will snap back into place. Let me know if you have any trouble with this.

Appears to have done the job. Thank you!!! :>)

Glad to help!