[RX-16293] Using MSM to deploy a site with SIte Variables will throw an error

Created: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 14:51:04 -0400 (EDT)
Affected Version(s): 6.7
Description: When deploying a Site using MSM, an error such as the following may occur:

The process is aborted. Error: Object of class [com.percussion.services.sitemgr.data.PSSiteProperty] with identifier [nnn]; optimistic locking failed; the nested exception is org.hibernate.StaleObjectStateException: row updated or deleted by another transaction (or usnaved -value mapping was incorrect)

To workaround this error, delete the Site variables on the source server, then create a new Archive including the Site. Manually add the Site variables on both the source and target servers.
Workaround (if applicable): Delete the Site Variables on the Source side. Create new archive and deploy site without Site variables. Manually add Site Variables back in on both Source and Target sides.

Status: Unresolved - Open