RX 7.3.1 Login redirect

I have updated our RX system to use SSL.  There is some behavior with logging in/out that I can’t seem to change. 

When a user goes to https://cms.example.com they get redirect to the login page at https://some-random-hostname/Rhythmyx/login?sys_redirect instead of https://cms.example.com/Rhythmyx/login?

Where can this behavior be modified?

Is the redirect truly to a random hostname or is it to another alias or alternative hostname for the machine that Rhythmyx is installed on?

Also is cms.example.com a locally registered hostname of the server that is running Rhythmyx?

One other thing to check -  in /AppServer/server/rx/deploy/jboss-web.deployer/server.xml are any of the host names that you are seeing listed?