We’re trying to add a Javascript prefix when we assemble an inline link, and in v5.7 we’ve added it through rx_InlineLinks.xsl, when we used XSL Variants.

Is the same file used to format the inline links in v6.5 when used with Velocity Templates?

If it is the same, then I am missing something else.


This issue has been posted with tech_support and is being currently researched. We will updating this post as we have more information.

Was an answer found regarding this? I also want to add a unique ID(the relationship id) to the tag around an inline link. I attempted in rx_ephox.js but since I do not know the relationshipid at that time it doesn’t work. Ideally I could override the sys_relationshipid attribute being stripped out which I have done before with the sys_InlineLinks.xsl when using the XSL templates in 6.52. I just don’t know where to find anything like that in 6.7. From the looks of it is it buried in a java extension?