rxworkflow.properties file documentation needed

I am updating our rxworkflow.properties file to enable email notification for a new instance of Rhythmyx. In comparing the “out-of-the-box” rxworkflow.properties file to another rxworkflow.propeties file on another instance, there are many other properties other than what is mentioned for workflow email notification in the Rhythmyx Implementation Guide (ver. 6.5.2) on pages 49 - 50. The only mention of the other properties is the statement, “NOTE: Not all properties in the file are illustrated here; only those properties associated with Notification are described.” I’ve searched high and low for documentation on the other properties, but cannot find any.

Could someone please help?

Dazed and Confused in Colorado,
Cindy :confused:


Which properties are you concerned about?


I am concerned about the rxworkflow.properties file that we are using from the rff contains only 19 lines of code versus 45 lines of code from another instance of Rhythmyx that was not modeled on rff. I understand most of the property settings, but I would like to have some documentation on whether the extra code is needed in the new instance, or if our old instance of Rhythmyx just contains legacy code in the rxworkflow.properties file.

In other words, I don’t want to implement the extraneous code in our new instance if it is not needed.

Hope that helps . . .

Thank you for your response!

Cindy :slight_smile:


I checked the rxworkflow.properties file going back to version 4.5 (which our record show is the release you started on), and the file as installed with Rhythmyx never had as many lines as you report. (Which I suspected. I’ve never seen a copy of this file with more than 20 or so lines.) That suggests to me that the additional lines are customizations specific to your implementation. These customizations should be documented in the documentation for your implementation. If you don’t have that documentation available, contact Tech Support for further assistance.