Safari Technology Preview issue

Last week, Apple announced new “Safari Technology Preview” which is blazing fast and snappierTM.

It does work well in CM1. In fact, it’s blazing fast, faster than any browsers I’ve seen.

Although, there’s a issue and while I understand it’s just a “Preview” - I am not sure if it’s Safari itself or CM1. When I clicked Link or Image to bring in another popup, it doesn’t bring another dialog. That’s just it. See the error below. Will you please tell me what happened? It seems it’s the tinyMCE issue itself?

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@aaron - Quick side not since there isn’t a way to message users in the community.  How do you do your breadcrumbs?  I tried using the built in widget but if everything wasn’t in the full navigation, it didn’t populate it correctly.

I agreed. It’s hard to communicate when there’s no way to message each other. I’m always happy to help.

This is the screenshot of breadcrumb setting. I do not use “separator” and I used my own CSS using FontAwesome (see sample code below)

.crumb .perc-breadcrumb-main .perc-list-element:before {

  1. font-family: “FontAwesome”;
  2. content: ‘\f178’;
  3. margin-right: 10px;
  4. font-weight: normal;

As for “full navigation”, it depends. If I’m using Navigation pages, it will display full crumb. If you’re using non-navigation pages, it won’t display which is a the problematic. I created a post like this few months ago:…

If this doesn’t answer to your question or I gave you the wrong answer, please let me know.

Or you can try this. I haven’t got a chance to test it out yet:

I actually looked into that same fiddle a while back but the problem I have is users don’t always follow the procedure of naming folders.  They always like to just run the names together without any _ or - in them.  This made quite a few of the breadcrumbs unreadable.

I went ahead and created a new “Idea” on the forums on how I think they could improve the breadcrumbs.

That makes sense. I agreed with you.

Hello Aaron,

We tested this internally and did not see any issues with Safari and CM1 on Yosemite or El Capitan.  If you have more details on your OS version and the details on Safari please let us know and we can investigate further.



I thought my explanation was clear. In that screenshot attached above, the red square area - these will not bring another window dialog… it doesn’t do anything. I just tested it few minutes ago and nothing happened still.

Please check again :wink: