Saving files to a NAS vs. Database

Until we are allowed to upload files to this section in the forums:

We have not tested this out on any other system other than ours, so we cannot guarantee success. Let us know how it works / improvements that would be nice / coding enhancements etc.


  • We noticed that with our copy of the XML Batch importer, this extension did not fire, so we needed to fix these imported items, however, the normal way (ie through content explorer) to create files works.
  • I have not done a “PURGE” function yet due to a security concern with Percussion’s purging (but am working on that so that purging a content item also purges the item’s files…).

I have attached the zipped files. The one with the -src is what it implies…the source code (i just zipped my eclipse project folder so one should be able to import it right in…i do have special packages for the RX 6.5 jars though, so you might need to fix those dependencies).

There is a readme when you unzip the file which should explain what to do…

Note that this was built using 6.5.2 and in 6.6 when declaring the variables use RhythmyxServer.bin.lax and do not put quotes around it.