schedule an asset

This is related to an earlier post about ‘disappearing shared asset as alert widget’. If I could schedule publish and removal times on an asset, it would be one and done. I would not have to remember to go into the asset to delete the text.

This is an issues with us every Winter. We use the disappearing asset for school closings and emergencies. I really need to be able to schedule start and remove.

Somebody please respond.

Good Evening Lloyd,I am so sorry for not responding earlier, thank you for your using the Percussion community. I will follow up internally with the team. I can understand the urgency of this type of request especially during the winter months here in Massachusetts!!!
Have a great night

Thank you for getting back to me Brendan.

Good Morning Lloyd,

I followed up internally with the team here at Percussion. Currently, assets cannot be scheduled. The reason for this is that pages are assembled at the time of publish. You cannot substitute in a “piece” of a page; you must publish the entire page.   We will add this suggestion to our backlog, and it is under consideration. 

Thank you Lloyd,