Scheduled publishing issues with existing links.

When I have a page scheduled for future publication, then perform a site publish, the links for the page scheduled to be published at a later time become inactive.

Hey Jerome,

Yes, when you run a full site publish, any managed links pointing to a page that is outside of its scheduled publishing window will become inactive (appearing as plain text). As soon as the page enters its publishing window – which would be between the scheduled publish and removal time, if specified – a full publish of your site will make those managed links active once again.

Can you tell me the scenario you’re encountering where you want a link on one of your current pages pointing to a page that has yet to reach it’s scheduled publish date? Do you have updates to an existing page that you want to have applied at a certain date, but in the meantime you intend for the current page (and all associated links) to remain the same?

Our usage example is the following:
We have a “News Room” page where we display links to the top three Press Releases and the Top three News Articles. When we have a press release that needs to go out on a specific date I will add the release to CM1 and then update the top three releases on the News Room page. Then I will schedule both pages to be published after the Press Release is posted to the news wire services. The News Room page is the main landing page for our News & Events menu item so when the site is published that link becomes inactive. We do this at least three times a month.


Unfortunately, this appears to be a bug, and I have filed it in our internal system. The behavior is as expected for scheduling previously unpublished pages to be published (ensuring that no managed links point to pages that don’t exist yet on the server), but it shouldn’t affect links to pages that are already live and are essentially being scheduled for republish. Thanks for bringing this to our attention; I will certainly keep you updated on our progress in coming up with a fix for this.

Apparently this bug has not been fixed. We have the same issue. How can we cancel a scheduled publish date without updating the current page ahead of time?

Hi Alanda,

As mentioned in the support ticket you have, I can’t reproduce this on the current release. However I will test on the version you are on to see if it is any different.