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We’ve noticed Percussion running super slowly lately, and have checked the new process monitor gadget on the dashboard. The only thing running is a process called “Search Indexing,” and currently this has a queue of 3291 items remaining (and increasing).

I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the slowdown issue and if it’s possible to toggle this process on/off?

Hi Matthew,

A number of actions can trigger a re-indexing of large amounts of content within your site (full publishes, workflow modifications, template modifications, etc.). Can you tell me if this number is shrinking on it’s own and confirm that it’s not stuck at 3291? Assuming it’s not, this shouldn’t cause dramatic slow-downs of the system.

Can you tell me what version of Percussion you’re running? There was a bug in 3.3 that caused template edits to kick off a large amount of concurrent processes, leading to slowdowns, but this was corrected in 3.4.

Ah, ok. It does tick down, but slowly. On Friday, it was ticking up and stayed at 3291 for a while. When we came in this morning, it was only at 132.

We’re running version 3.4.

Is it possible that the fluctuations in speed have to do with our site’s size on a Derby database?

Yes, running a larger site on Derby could contribute to general slowness of the system, for sure. We have documentation on how to migrate from Derby to MySQL, if you’re finding that the system’s performance is a significant issue:…

In addition to this, I want to make note that we’re putting a lot of focus in our next few releases into general performance and scalability improvements.

Nathaniel, can you tell me exactly what changes/actions will cause a re-index so that I can do what I can to minimize the chances of that happening? I currently have roughly 36000 items and it has been indexing for 2 days now and very very slowly decreasing(at 29439 right now). Is there a way to stop it, pause it or possibly schedule it for a less peak time? It also makes any page or asset changes kind of a headache since the load time in increased dramatically.

Hi Scott

A number of things can cause indexing. When a page or an asset is Imported, checked in or checked out or moved/copied it will be queued for indexing. unfortunately there is currently no way to pause or stop the indexing process through the UI.

What I can do is create a support ticket for you. We will need to get some performance information from your system that we can pass to our Engineering team.

Thank you,

If this does not complete over the weekend we may need to. I will let it do it’s thing over the weekend and then see where we are.

Please update us via the Support ticket #15248 at