Section related content in a slot

Hello All,
I’m setting up a site and for the life of me am pulling a blank.

I’m almost positive we went through this in training.
What we need is a slot placed in a global template that will display a specific content item based on the folder it is located in.

We have a sidebar slot
We created a specific content type called siteSidebarSection
Created a template to load up within the siteSnsidebarItem

All I want to do is preset which siteSidebarSection Item gets displayed in the sidebar by the folder it is located in

navon for folder
landingpage with auto filled sidebar for folder1 using siteSnsidebarItem template

navon for folder
landingpage with auto filled sidebar for folder 2 using siteSnsidebarItem template
GenericPage with auto filled sidebar for folder 2 using siteSnsidebarItem template
Home page

On the same concept we want to have certain user editable content items on the page that are site wide.

Can someone enlighten a fried mind?

Thanks in advance

From what I’m reading I need an autoslot with the content finder set to sys_autoSlotContentFinder…

At that point it should be a question on the query to select fields from items of type rx:siteSidebarSection where jcr:path like ‘//Sites/oursite%’

But that will give me all siteSidebarSections in the site…Not the current folder.
What would be the format for getting only rx:siteSidebarSection items in the current folder being published?

Thanks in advance

I know the feeling.

I’m not entirely sure what you are trying to achieve, but it sounds like you’ll need the folder path of the current item that is being processed to create the page you are putting your slots on. For that you’ll need to install the PSO Toolkit in order to use this statement in your templates:


You could then feed that into your query to the autoslot. Here is a forum post that explains what the PSO Toolkit is and how to get it:

That is in the “Technical Discussion” section of these forums, which might be a better place to post queries such as this. There you will also find discussions about problems getting parameters into autoslots:

And something else to consider if you are going to put an autoslot on every page is discussed here:


Thanks Andrew,
I’m finally getting back to this issue and will update when we get it worked out.

Thanks for the info!