PSO Toolkit - What will it do for me and how do I get it?

I’ve seen various references in this forum to features/modules that are available in the “PSO Toolkit”. Can someone give me a quick summary of what this is, and where it is?



The PSOToolkit is a collection of small, hopefully useful, Java extensions that we’ve built over the years.

Although I am not the author of all of these routines, I am the maintainer, and I produce new builds as required.

All of this is “officially unsupported” (which means that we don’t promise to fix everything), but generally speaking, we will resolve problems if you report them to me. I do most of this work “in my free time”, so if I have a critical customer issue or project, Toolkit fixes go to the back of the line.

You can obtain a copy from tech support, from any Percussion consultant, or by sending me an email.

The distribution zip file contains JavaDoc and some primitive installation instructions.


Is there an official build or release number somewhere in the PSO Toolkit so when I report an issue to Technical Support, I can include that tidbit of information.

Open the PSOToolkit Jar with your favorite archive tool (winzip works just fine).
You will see a file called “”. This contains the version number and date that the jar was built.


Thanks, Dave. I will drop an email to Tech Support to get a copy of the latest toolkit. It definitely sounds useful.