Seeing brief flash of un-styled content after upgrade to 4.3.4?

Anyone else seeing a brief flash of un-styled content after upgrading to 4.3.4?

This happens when changing the selection of the main Percussion menu to something like Dashboard, Editor, Design etc…

Conan. This appears to be a chrome issue, not a 4.3 issue. A recent release of chrome has this behavior on all versions of percussion. We are investigating.

Excellent news Dan!

Thank you for the quick reply. I must have updated Chrome on the same day we upgraded CM1.

I can confirm this as I have not upgraded to 4.3 and am seeing that as well. I too use Chrome. I didn’t think I upgraded it between the change but it may have auto upgraded.

I’m just glad to know something is really wrong… when i see changes like that I begin to worry that I did something wrong! :slight_smile: