Select form states data

if you have states data (ex california - then list of senator,etc, florida - list of senator etc), is there a way to handle this in 1 page in CM1, using select form to filter list?

You might consider using a Categories widget combined with a Results widget to allow a filtered list of data on the page. You could categorize the senator pages by state and convert the list of categories into a drop down on the page. Then, the results page would filter the list of senators upon selecting the state returning only the pages from that category.

The following link shows how categories are configured:…

The following video shows the results widget used with with Tags widget:…

So I am guessing this folder: Percussion/web_resources/categories folder is not accessible from within CM1? It has to be through the server side?

Yes, you are correct. Only the “themes” folder within web_resources is accessible through CM1.

Currently, the categories are managed from that folder and are not accessible for management through the CM1 interface. This is something in Engineering to add management functionality of Categories and a few other items in to the CM1 interface.