Selecting multiple items to add to a slot in 6.7

This is a request to restore in 6.7 the feature in previous versions that allowed users to select multiple items to add to the same slot in one step. One might expect that this would only be possible if all the items to be selected share the same template - probably, provided that they are all of the same content type.

We have a team who are trying to build a magazine content list. This is rather repetitive under 6.7, and was not previously. We do not want to use an auto-index because of the need for some manual selection of item ordering and so on.

This originated in this thread in the Technical Discussions forum. The outcome of that was that there is inconsistency of behaviour between Active Assembly and the Table Editor, but neither provides the feature that was previously available, and that the request should be raised here. There seems to be some support from other users.

Along with this, having some sort of drag / drop re-ordering on the items in the slot would make life wonderful (a la active assembly screen)…

This is a great idea. The goal of 6.7 was to make repetitive stuff go away, particularly for slots with many items in them. Seems a part of the old table editor function got lost in the move to the newer more visual AJAX search/browse dialog.

As for drag and drop, but in the “table editor” mode, take a look at the left hand side “outline” panel in Active Assembly. You can pick the slot there and move things generally.

I realize this means having some template that has AA implemented, but if the task is really repetitive, it’s worth it - the template can be a pretty simple “white box” thing that is only built to house the AA drag and drop UI and is not used for publishing. This is a work around for now (but useful in many cases). We’re looking at how to add some of the AA stuff into a more generic “table editor” type UI - for example, loading AA with only the left side panel and no rendering (or maybe just preview) on the right so that even if no AA template was built, the DnD model still works in the Outline panel.

Thank you for your support. My understanding is that this has been deferred for a future upgrade, as it is too complex to address in a patch. I’d be grateful for indications, as available, on the likely timescale, so that I can keep our editors informed.


I see that manually entering the getQuery.html parameters in as a url will get you to the old search screen. Is there a way to make this functional even temporarily? We sometimes have the need to slot 15-20 items onto 1 item, and we have gotten into the habit of naming things close to the same name so that we could slot all of them at once. It would be a shame to lose the ability to that.

From this thread

When you use the browser search in Active Assembly, after adding a Content Item, the search remains open so you can add more Content Items. Unfortunately, the browser search does not work this way when you use the Active Assembly Table Editor; the dialog goes away after you add a Content Item. We have logged a bug for this discrepancy and it is being evaluated.

You can reconfigure the table editor to use the pre-6.6 search. To roll back, open the file \rxconfig\server\ and change the value of the property inlineSearchUsesContentBrowser from true to false:

As the name of the property indicates, this also changes the inline link search to use the pre-6.6 search dialog as well. The property controls the dialog used for both of these searches.

Has there been any progress on building this functionality into Percussion CMS?

We’re looking at this for the Q2 2011 time frame. More details will come towards the end of Q1.

It’s now Q3 2012 and my editors are reminding me of the promise I made them about timescales :frowning:

Any update?