Send email using modal popup

I have a modal popup box that works great on one of my pages. My current issue is what language can I use to code the sending of the email in the modal (php, asp, aspx, etc).

Hey Matt,

What server-side scripting language you use is dependent on your server’s configuration. Because you are running on an IIS server, installing ASP.NET on your server and working with .aspx code would probably be your best bet.

Okay. I didn’t know if there were certain languages that worked in Percussion or not.


Because of CM1’s decoupled architecture, once you publish your site’s content, you’re essentially left with static HTML files on your web server (with some easyXDM JS code embedded to connect to the DTS server for dynamic content, when applicable). As such, as long as you house your scripting code in HTML widgets so it doesn’t get stripped out, it’ll be preserved and function as any other scripting code embedded in an HTML page would. The one thing to keep in mind, or course, is that this scripting code will only work in a published environment (not in CM1’s preview mode) and on a server that is configured to support the language in question.