Server Administrator


I was wondering if it was possible to generate a report on users within the CMS. We add users to communities and roles manually via the Server Admin tool and the only way to list or review who is in which community seems to be to scroll through by hand and I wondered if there was a SQL query or some other short-cut available.

Just to note, I don’t want to change anything this way just review how many users, which users etc.

Thanks for your help.



The following should give you a quick overview of users and their roles. You could expand upon this to look at which roles are assigned to which communities to then find what communities a user has access to…

select as 'username', as 'role'
    psx_subjects ps,
    psx_role_subjects prs,
    psx_roles pr
where = prs.subjectid
and prs.roleid =
order by,

Wow - more users than I thought!!!

Thanks very much for this.