Setup preview for a new site

I am in the process of setting up a new site. How do we setup a new preview for the new site?


Are you referring to the Preview action menu for your new site?

Yes…I am asking about the preview menu action

Go under the UI design tab in the workbench:

Then expand the following folders Content Explorer -> Menus -> User -> Dynamic. Make a copy of an existing regular preview and an active assembly one if you use that preview at all. Rename these to something distinct for your new site. Go under the command tab and change the siteid to match your new sites id. You may also want to change some setting in the visibility tab.

How do you assign a global template to the preview? I cannot change the global template of the site as the new templates are still under development, and it needs to use the old template for publishing…However, I wanted to setup the preview with the new global template.

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