Shared Asset doesn't have "Schedule..."

I hadn’t realized that before but I was wondering beside Page that have “Publishing > Schedule…” but what about shared assets? There is no option for that. I think this will be very nice to have it.

Unfortunately I am not able to attach screenshot due to error message: Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.

Good afternoon Aaron,

As you are aware, currently that is not a feature for assets. You can link the asset to a page and schedule the page as a work around, as long as the asset is approved it will be published when the scheduled page is published.

I will be creating a Feature request for this enhancement and including your comments in the request. We appreciate your feedback Aaron to help us improve our products! It is very valuable to us.

Sue Cushman

Thank you Sue! I did not know that was possible. That’s very helpful. I will give this a try. Thanks!!

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