Shared fields

Can you let me know the steps to create new shared fields in Rhythmyx
I want to add a new shared field for example First Name which would be used in all content types,so instead of creating a local fileld i want this as a shared field.
How can i acheive this in Rhythmyx 5.71 version


See Implementing Content Editors for Version 5.71. In particular note the discussion at the beginning of the document about the structure of the Content Editor Definition.

In Version 5.71, you must manually create the Shared field XML files, and must code the shared field nodes manually.


In addition to the above, I recommend that you create a new shared field group for your shared fields, rather than adding a new field to the existing group (which is named “shared”, just to confuse things).

As Bob points out, this is somewhat more difficult in 5.7 than in 6.x.