Shortcodes {{eg. for Paths to Folders}}

Shortcodes would be great, in general… but I was specifically struck by this idea when during the demo of CM1 I needed to set the path to the themes folder to access an image… I didn’t realize I should leave out the /Details/ part of the path, so almost had it working, but couldn’t figure out what it wasn’t. Anyways, if I could have had a nice grab-bag of shortcodes to use then I wouldn’t have to worry about getting the path to the themes folder, I could instead just insert something like this:

and the shortcode would resolve to whatever it would without me needing to fiddle with it at all… this would also maintain the underlying CM1 structure just as widgets do because if I changed my theme name the shortcode would resolve that and I wouldn’t have to hunt through template/pages fixing those issues.

I wonder if anyone who has used CM1 much more than I have can come up with other use cases for shortcodes?..