Show all entries at once in Finder

See screenshot attach.

That arrow “>>” next to “1 - 100 of 163” is not user-friendly or doesn’t help at all. Is there a way to show all entries at once instead of clicking to next? I thought it’s possible to do that somewhere in the backend?

There are couple of issues with “>>”.

  • If you’re on 2nd and you want to move the folder or file to 1st, you have to do couple of steps to do that which is time consuming.
  • Most people cannot find their folder and I instructed them to scroll up to click “>>”.


Good afternoon Aaron,

Thank you for posting on our Community Board! We will be looking into the navigation issues that you’ve pointed out to us. We will update you with any recommendations to help move you forward. In the interim, we ask for your patience while we work to find the best resolution for you.

Should you have additional questions or concerns, we would be pleased to respond.

Best regards,

Romario Mato
Customer Success Engineer

Thank you again for your post. I confirmed with our engineering team and, regrettably, we currently do not have a workaround available that will meet your needs at this time. Your idea is a great one! We have gone ahead and written a feature request for your issue for consideration in a future release of CM1. We will reach out to you when this becomes available in a future release. Please continue to send us your feedback which helps make our product better. It is truly appreciated.

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Thank you for the update.