Show the section name in the navigation editor

We are using the CM1’s navigation system to organize our nav layout. But, in the navigation editor itself, it only shows the display title, not the section name. However, when you have something generic as the title, (like in our case Welcome), it makes it difficult to see which section you are working with.

It would be nice if this either showed both the display title, and the section name, or just the section name. See attached pictures which should how we are using the nav widget on our website, and hopefully illustrate the problem.

Hey Glen,

To clarify, are you using “Welcome” as the section’s link text so that this is what will appear as the browser window’s title? If so, I just want to be sure you know that you can de-synchronize your section’s link text and browser title values by editing the page through the Finder, opening the page’s meta-data, and modifying the page’s browser title through the Search Engine Optimization menu.

This way, you could have the section in Navigation and links to this page appear as “Business Home”, while the browser title can still appear as “Welcome” (or some variant of that). Let me know if this would help out in your scenario or not.

Thank you for the tip about the SEO title, I was not aware of that. However, I’m afraid that won’t work in this case, because the navigation widget is working fine (i.e. displaying how we want it when published).

The issue that we are having just has to do with the navigation editor’s display of the Display Title, not the section name - as you can see in the example, we have two different sections that are showing up as welcome. And this isn’t a big deal with only two sections. However, we anticipate having 50+ sections, many of which might say something like welcome, in which case being able to tell them apart would be helpful.

We could of course change the display title to something unique like ITS , or Business , but that would change the navigation link on our website so that it no longer says welcome. Does that make sense?

Yes, if “Welcome” is what you want to have appear in the Nav widget for each of these sections, then I see your problem. I take it you have no Nav widgets configured to show the full navigation tree (or else you would have equally confusing site navigation), correct? I’d be curious to hear if other customers have run into similar issues. From what I’ve seen, it seems to be common practice to have unique link texts for each nav section, so I’m curious to know if anyone else has felt impeded by this as well?

Well, I don’t know if this is a major issue for other people, but it would probably solve our problem if the navigation editor just displayed both, instead of only the display title.

Makes sense, thanks for adding the additional clarity to this Idea.