SiteId from FolderPath?

Is there any way to get the SiteId from either the folderpath or the folder Id (either in JEXL or Velocity)?

…and a related question:

Is there a way around having to put the SiteId as a fixed number into the Preview menu item? Ideally, it would be nice to make one Preview menu item that works for all sites and automatically puts the SiteId into the parameters based on which folder the item you widh to preview is in.

For Previews…look into: PSO Smart Preview. We have over 200 sites and it would be troublesome to create a preview action menu entry for each site. We were in the process of creating something similar when PSO released that tool…PSO Smart Preview (original thread with some additional comments…)

Thanks for the links, jitendra. That may well give me enough info to solve my siteid issue too.

I’m having trouble getting this add-on working. It looks like it’s installed everything in the right places, but it doesn’t seem to be creating the default.html file that you point the menu item to. It looks like the application is perhaps not initializing. Do you have this working on 7.0.3?

Nope, we are still on 6.7. But this not working on 7.0.3 may halt our upgrade plans… I assume you’ve installed the PSO Toolkit as well?

Yes, we have the latest toolkit on. There looks like there might be a clash with a different add-on. I’ll let you know what we figure out.
So, for you, it just installed as per the documentation and worked without problems?

Perc TS upgraded the copy of our environment to 7.0.3, I’m sure they would have told us if it didn’t work, so it is probably a conflict on your end. I do not recall any problems installing it on 6.7.