SiteImprove Accessibility WAI-ARIA

We just started using SiteImprove which is coming about a year after our website redesign developed by an external company.  I’ve not worked a lot with ARIA so I’m not sure if I’m describing things in a good way or asking some obvious questions here. 

Basically, my issue is that SiteImprove flags ARIA for manual review.  So a page may be flagged with nearly a thousand potential errors that would need to be manually checked.  The ones we are getting seem to be linked to Percussion menu items. I’m just wondering how others may have handled that issue if they are using site improve or if someone could verify that those issues could be unflagged (are the Percussion ARIA menus compliant?)  

I’ve included a couple screenshots.  If you need any additional information please let me know.  Thanks!

Hi Josh,

For the Navigation widget, the roles are correct, and the labels are based on your Navigation title for the given section.  You should be able to resolve this warning sitewide if your Navigation titles accurately represent the content in the Section. 

Note: The most recent 5.3 SR1 Patch has some additional accessibility updates to clear some AA/AAA warnings (mainly with Widgets like Auto Lists), so installing that, and then updating the widget layout properties can give you more control over the Aria content.   


What widget layout properties are you referring to?

For the Page Auto List for example, you can specify / override the Aria Role and Aria Label, configure the html element used to render the list items (div, li, etc)