SiteImprove detects empty File Auto List?

I am not sure if this is a bug or not. Here is the link to view screenshots.

What happen is SiteImprove crawl (siteimprove.png) and detect something even though there’s no content/data on the widget (empty widget.png and web inspector.png).

If the widget is empty (no data or content in there) on live webpage, it’s still visible to SiteImprove crawl. Shouldn’t empty widget not display their “source code” at all?

The screen shot seems gated by a login. Can you attach to the post? The answer is that it would depend on how the widget is implemented.


Here you go.


Have you set the Aria properties on the File Auto List widget Layout Properties?

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Thank you very much, Nate! It does help a lot.

So I went ahead and did the same thing for RSS Widget, too, when they have “Wrapped feed items aria label” (different wording but should be consistent all across Percussion’s default widgets, IMO). I called it ‘Planetarium Show Schedule’.

Although it didn’t work. See screenshot and code below:

RSS Widget (see screenshot attach) and I re-ran SiteImprove for RSS Widget. It failed and I copied the source code from the live site, here is it:

<div aria-busy="true" id="440032287_feed" role = "region" aria-live="polite" aria-relevant="additions" aria-atomic="true" class="perc-feed-widget " data-query="{&quot;itemDateElement&quot;:&quot;div&quot;,&quot;itemDescriptionEmpty&quot;:true,&quot;wrappingElement&quot;:&quot;none&quot;,&quot;itemDateFormat&quot;:&quot;D M d, yy &apos;at&apos; hh:nn&quot;,&quot;showItemTitle&quot;:true,&quot;showItemDescription&quot;:false,&quot;titleElement&quot;:&quot;div&quot;,&quot;itemTitleElement&quot;:&quot;div&quot;,&quot;deliveryurl&quot;:&quot;;,&quot;wrappingElemAriaLabel&quot;:&quot;Planetarium Show Schedule&quot;,&quot;feedId&quot;:&quot;440032287_feed&quot;,&quot;itemRemoveHtml&quot;:false,&quot;itemDescriptionElement&quot;:&quot;div&quot;,&quot;itemLimit&quot;:&quot;limit_25&quot;,&quot;urlFeed&quot;:&quot;;amp;d=10&quot;,&quot;showTitle&quot;:false,&quot;showItemDate&quot;:false,&quot;itemDescriptionLength&quot;:-1,&quot;itemElement&quot;:&quot;div&quot;}">

live page:

Did I do something wrong?

Hi Aaron,

I don’t see the aria-role layout property in your screen shot. Your system may be behind on patching, you should be able to set the role on the rss widget, the default is “region”. See below:


Nate, we are going to upgrade to the latest patch on 6/14/19. Whoo hoo!

I ran into another issue but I’m not sure if this is related to current patch we have right now. SiteImprove message: WAI-ARIA ‘aria-labelledby’ attributes used to name HTML5 or WAI-ARIA landmarks should be descriptive of the landmarks they are labelling, even when shown out of context.

<div id="730993188_list" aria-labelledby="730993188_list_header" class=" perc-list-vertical perc-file-auto-list" role="region"  data-query="{ deliveryurl : ''}">
<div id="730993188_list_header" class="perc-list-title" aria-label="Agendas" title="Agendas">Agendas</div>

See screenshot attach. I do not see it anywhere that mentioned ‘aria-labelledby’ in Config Widget Properties and I would assumed it’s under ‘File Auto List aria-role’ which is empty field? Thank you.


Here’s the SI screenshot if that helps:

It looks like the aria-label for the list will only be used if the List Title on the Content Tab is blank. If the List Title is set on the content tab, that will be used for the Aria Label instead.

It’s like that so that a template designer can set good defaults for the Widget on their template that will be used in case a content editor forgets , or decides not to add a list title when they configure the content on the Page.

aria labelled by will always be set to the wrapper element for the list title.

I am pretty sure that this is a manual review warning on the SiteImprove side, so you would verify that the label accurately describes the content of the list. In your case it is a list of Agendas, so that seems correct.